Hey EVERYBODY!!! Do the Happy Dance! I’m Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and 100th Post!!!

Did you hear the news!?!

I am celebrating my one year blogiversary!

…AND between the two blogs that I write there are 100 completed posts!

C’mon! Join me!


I’ve decided to take a look back to ponder what I’ve accomplished in a year…

My goal was, and still is, to write a blog about family, faith, friends, and special needs.

I believe I’ve been true to what I set out to do.

I’ve introduced you to six generations of my family!

…and I still have more stories to share!







I’ve been privileged to share my daughter’s world with you…

…and also introduce you to one of her special needs teachers.

2012-06-16_17-01-12_7361109311 Ms_K2

You’ve met friends…and you’ve shared various journeys with me.

Rae-91 Jack42image2112

Later, I also began to blog about crocheting, a passion of mine!

Thanks for following along to see my creations!

binkie122012-07-22_10-27-44_6651 In_the_bag4_0330122

I’ve learned a lot about myself…and I’ve confirmed some things I already knew…

…that I can be creative…diligent…dedicated…expressive…contemplative…spiritual…


…and every now and then I surprise myself!

I can hardly believe that I also sang a song for you!

Amazing what happens in the blogosphere…

During this year I also learned about you!

I learned about your generosity, your sense of humor, your curiosity, your passion, your dedication to causes, your expressions of love and life.

I learned about your talent to convey ideas, to teach, to inspire, and to create dialogue.

You share your appreciation with a word of thanks and even an award or two!

Here are most of the ones you shared with me.

There are still a few more that I’ll share in the coming weeks!




Thank-you everyone for following my journey, for sharing your talents, and, for reaching out through the blogosphere to say hello, to offer encouragement and to extend a hand of friendship to a fellow blogger!

I’ll leave you with another view of my 100 posts.

In case you ever wondered what could possibly be going through my mind as I wrote these posts, here is your opportunity to take a look!

What’s shown below are the words that make up the titles to this year’s posts!




Quite a jumble in that little head of mine!

There was so much to say…so much to write!

It was just a matter of sorting through it all.

(My hubby, Al, says chocolate also helped!)

Well, as I complete post one hundred and one, and as I begin a new year of writing I know there are gems hidden in my family that I am finally beginning to uncover. I don’t know exactly where the trail will lead, but I’m looking forward to taking the journey, and to making new discoveries!

The next thought bubble is beginning to form..

So to all who have been following along, and to those who have just discovered my sites, thanks so much for joining in the journey!

I’ve enjoyed every story and I’m looking forward to more!

But in the meantime before I start my next post, I’ll be doing the happy dance!


To view the stories behind the pictures, you can click on the picture or see the following links:

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Easter – The Day You Told Me You Had Aids

Easter – Rejoice!

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It’s in the Bag!

Peaceful – 2



p. s. I’m actually visiting the familia for the next few days, so I’ll resume with regular posts next week!  It’s time to go – there’s a celebration outside!!


I've always enjoyed writing and finally decided it was time to blog! As part of my profession I write every day, but I'm now trying to take the time to write creatively. My family and friends have been very encouraging as there is little that is written down in the way of a family chronicle. This is a favorite topic of mine! In addition to family history, I write about life, family, friends and faith. My husband is a full-time parent to our special needs daughter. I’ve explored this topic, too. I also enjoy music, crocheting, reading and relaxing with my family. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

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36 comments on “Hey EVERYBODY!!! Do the Happy Dance! I’m Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and 100th Post!!!
  1. scrapydo says:

    Wow, happy ,happy and sing a song! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. cobbies69 says:

    Fabulous recollection and a beautiful blog, long may you do more..;)

  3. dorannrule says:

    What a wonderful 101st Blog – and Congratulations Cathy for hitting the happy 100 mark! I’m glad you have a lot more to say for us all to enjoy!

  4. […] My cousin Cathy made her annual trip from San Antonio to SoCal this week, to celebrate her mom’s birthday. She’s staying a little longer this year, doing “research” for her very active & productive blog, “Comments from Cathy” […]

  5. fgassette says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m doing the happy dance for you. Wonderful photos and tribute. Thanks for sharing so many post with us.


  6. Northern Narratives says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishments and awards. Thank You for making me smile and inspiring me with your creativity 🙂 Judy

  7. Gemma says:

    What a fabulous post! I am dancing along with you. Congratulations, Cathy. And keep it comin’ 🙂

  8. What a wonderful, celebratory post! Joining you in your happy dance here on the Canadian prairies. Blessings to you, good woman….’creative…diligent…dedicated…expressive…contemplative…spiritual’…INDEED!!! 🙂

  9. gingerbreadcafe says:

    Congratulations, keep blogging! 🙂

  10. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

    Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to celebrate your next 100!!! 😀

  11. Sheryl says:

    Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed ready your wonderful posts. Keep up the good work.

  12. gonerustic says:

    Chocolate DOES help – and I’m all for it! Sincere congratulations on your achievement. Well done! =D

  13. adinparadise says:

    Well done to you. Congrats on the 100 post and your lovely awards. 🙂

  14. that’s excellent!! Congrats!!

  15. graciehill48 says:

    You have been nominated for the Super Sweet Bloggers Award.

  16. The Smile Scavenger says:

    Congratulations Cathy! 🙂

  17. Congrats on your milestone!

  18. Iñigo says:

    Congratulations!!!! I’ll do a happy dance for you 🙂
    Wishing you more blogging years and more blogging inspirations 😀 Will look forward to your 2000th and more post 🙂

  19. Good job Cathy! Wishing you lots of blogging years to come! 🙂

  20. Hi Cathy,
    What a wonderful post! I love the review of stories and themes you have covered over the last 100 posts. A happy dance is, indeed, called for!

    • Cathy G says:

      Hi Naomi! I’m glad you enjoyed the retrospective. I had fun taking a look back. I’m glad I took the time to consider all that I’d written! Thanks!

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