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Resilient – Alone and Together

I’m starting 2017 with the Weekly Photo Challenge “Resilient.” There are two parts to this blog. The first part is “Alone.” The second part is “Together.” It’s a pertinent topic. December 2016 was, to say the least, a challenging month.

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Fun at the Beach!

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “FUN!” I recalled a very small photo of my dad and my aunt at the beach. My guess is that the picture is from the late 1940’s. It’s a bit grainy because the original photo

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Look Up…and Pause…

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Look Up.” It has been a somber week. I told my husband that my mind can barely fathom all that’s occurred. Admittedly I have no answers. My deeply introverted soul is still processing this. I

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Six, Six and Twelve (Curve)

The jumbo…the dreadnought…the grand concert… The pickguard… the body…the sound hole…the pegs…the inlay…the bridge…a handlebar (it’a classic!) The tuning pegs…the heads as they sweep to the neck… The outline, the shine, the design… It alls adds to the experience… …the

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Celebrating 63 Years – Congratulations Mom and Dad!

This year Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in May.   Coincidentally the date is also May 3oth. Sixty-three years ago, Memorial Day was on a Saturday. My father was on leave from the military. The date was

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Spare – Saticoy

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Spare.” I thought about a photo from the family gallery that shows a point in my father’s childhood during the 1930’s. My dad is on the left. My Uncle Lupe is in the center. My

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Jubilant – The Finish Line!

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Jubilant! I decided to post a recent photo where I’m standing by a Finish sign. If you know my story then you’re aware that I’ve been on a journey over the past three years to

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