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Another Glimpse into Her World and Ours

In my last post my husband and I shared our thoughts on our daughter and her many limits.  The replies we received amazed us.  Many of them left me thoughtful. I realized I still had a lot to express, so

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Happy Birthday to Our Special (Needs) Daughter

Hello everyone, Today’s post is written by my husband, Al.  He posted this on Facebook a few days ago for our daughter’s birthday.  I made just a few minor edits and added photos. We received replies that surprised in many

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Peace is Not a Season

Welcome to 2013! As the year came to a close, I met fellow blogger Kozo, who started an idea, or perhaps a movement called Bloggers for Peace.  The goal he sets forth is for bloggers to commit one post a

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Ending 2012 with Food for Thought

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Biltrix nominated me for the Food for Thought Award! Thank-you so much! If you’re not familiar with Biltrix’s blog, please go have a look! This is really an incredible and humbling nomination. The Food

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Many Thanks to You!

During the first half of 2012 I was nominated for a variety of blog awards.  Somehow, I managed to keep up with the posts that can accompany the nominations. Well, in the last half of 2012 I have to admit

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The Late Night Intruder (Revisited)

In celebration of my brother David’s birthday, I’m reposting one of my earliest stories.  It’s a true family favorite that takes place when my brother and I were in college. ********* My brother and I were in the kitchen burning

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The Old Football Injury

Many people find this time of year reflective.  I’m no different. This week I happen to be off of work, so I’m enjoying some writing time. That being said, over the past few weeks I haven’t written my typical two

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