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Optimism – From the Couch to a 5k

The weekly photo challenge is “Optimistic.” I decided to post about a somewhat recent event that taught me how my outlook has changed over the past three years. About nine weeks ago, I fell and twisted my foot when I

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Change – A Personal Transformation

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Change. I’ve experienced my share since the end of 2012. Achieving change has taken a lot of work… Achieving change has taken time… …consistency… …tenacity… …passion… …continually resetting goals… …the ability to laugh at myself… …the

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Wall of Fame

The weekly Photo Challenge is “Wall.” There’s a wall at my local gym that acknowledges the achievement of a few individuals who rose to the challenge to take control of their health and personal fitness. I’ve walked by that wall

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Shadows on a Walk

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Shadowed.” I opted to take this theme literally as I enjoy taking photos of shadows when walking. In the photo below I took a brief stroll during a break from work on a crisp fall afternoon.

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“When the going gets tough, stop and think about everything you’ve already accomplished.”

It’s not easy to express all that’s happened since the end of 2012 when I decided to join a gym. My health was changing.  I didn’t like how I felt. The results of my annual blood work were cause for concern. 

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Reflections – A Personal Transformation

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Reflection.  The topic couldn’t be more timely. Over the past fifteen months I’ve worked hard to regain my health and become physically stronger. After re-writing this post umpteen times, I finally decided the

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Inside Locker #72

The weekly photo challenge this week is “inside.” It so happens that three weeks ago I snapped a few photos while I was at the gym.  I figured I’d use them in a post “someday.” I just didn’t think it

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Celebrating My One Year Train-a-versary!

Hi everyone!  If you’ve followed my story you know I decided to work with a trainer to help me safely regain my health. Well, I recently achieved my one year train-a-versary!  Yes, I’ve been working with a trainer for one year,

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2013 – Gray Tee Shirts (A Wish for 2014)

If you read my last post you know that I experienced tremendous change during 2013! Part of that change involved various updates in my wardrobe.  This was nothing fancy, mind you! When I began to figure out what clothes I’d

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2013 – Year of Change

For me, there’s one word that describes 2013. That word is CHANGE! Early in the year I wrote that about making changes in my lifestyle with the goal of improving my personal health. Periodically I posted that changes were in

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