Celebrating My One Year Train-a-versary!

February 2014 (Yes, it's really Cathy!)

February 2014 (Yes, it’s really Cathy!)

Hi everyone!  If you’ve followed my story you know I decided to work with a trainer to help me safely regain my health.

Well, I recently achieved my one year train-a-versary!  Yes, I’ve been working with a trainer for one year, and what a year it’s been!

It’s taken me a while to write this post as I’ve been processing the transformation I experienced.

During this journey I’ve had to make peace with many aspects of myself.

A year ago I was extremely anxious.  I’d experienced so much frustration over the years from so many injuries.  I wanted to exercise but was emotionally exhausted from feeling caught in a cycle of pain leading to inactivity leading to more frustration.

It was a huge leap for me to trust someone I didn’t know.

Was I ready?

Ready or not I knew I needed to allow someone to help me.

…but this was daunting.

Enter Dan, an easy-going, friendly trainer, who is also highly focused and dedicated to health, nutrition and fitness.

Dan, trainer and fitness expert.

Dan, trainer and fitness expert.

He challenged me while being aware of my limitations, then he also encouraged me to challenge myself.

I often felt I was on a roller coaster as my body, mind and spirit were in the midst of tremendous transition.

Through it all Dan monitored my progress, kept me safe and kept me going.

Months ago I showed Dan some old photos.

His eyes widened.

“Cathy, is that you?”

The photo showed two young ladies.

"Before and After"

“Before and After”

He’d only known yours truly, the older, silver-haired lady.

“Yeah, this was before and after I was injured in that car accident.  I was extremely fit.  Then after I was injured I went through a lot of physical changes.  She’s smiling but she was really in a lot of pain.”

Dan continued to look at the photos and said, “Cathy, we can bring her back.”

Bring her back? WHAT?!?!

With all the re-occurrences of pain and frustration I’d almost forgotten what “she” was like.  Was she hidden so far away inside me that I couldn’t even remember?

It had been so long since I’d felt that mobile, and frankly, that carefree…and in twenty-two years of dealing with the aftermath no one had ever said that to me.

I felt overwhelmed.  

Could I really bring her back?

Gaining strength and accepting new challenges.

Gaining strength and accepting new challenges.

As time passed Dan kept encouraging me…

“You can do this, Cathy…you’ve got this, Cathy…okay take 45 seconds to rest…then one more set!”

One week the pain in my hip really flared.  I decided to swim as the water was always soothing.

Not this time.

I felt sharp, stabbing pains.

I was frustrated and angry.

Then I remembered….months earlier Dan showed me specific exercises for my legs and hips that I could do in the water.

I stood against the pool’s edge and began to exercise.  It was challenging, but I did it.

Later that week I told Dan about it.  He was thoughtful, then looked at me and said, “You know Cathy, most people would have quit.”

I went home and gave that some thought.  At our next session I was emphatic.

“I’ve come too far and I’ve been through too much to quit.

Now I often recall this statement when the going gets tough.

Al and Cathy enjoy Valentine's Day, 2014

Al and Cathy enjoy Valentine’s Day, 2014

As my health improved and my pain decreased I began to have more energy and more confidence.

One evening Al and I were enjoying a quiet conversation.  We were looking at photos when we came across those same before and after shots.

Al looked at me with pride and smiled.

“You really brought her back, didn’t you?”

I laughed as I told him about the conversation with Dan from months ago.

The energetic little lady inside me who’d been dormant for so long was finally back!

Oh yeah.  Definitely quite a year…and the journey continues!


Hey Dan!

Thanks for helping me get here!

I created a physical reminder of the weight I lost by stacking weights in my living room then snapping this photo!

Thanks for your skill, expertise, sense of humor and the respect you always show me.

It’s amazing to think of all that’s transpired – here’s to future challenges!

– Cathy

Cathy, with the weight that she lost.

Cathy, with the weight that she lost.

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5 comments on “Celebrating My One Year Train-a-versary!
  1. fgassette says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You’re looking great and fit!


  2. scrapydo says:

    Wow, this transformation was worth it! I can see your whole body and mind has really change for the best. Glad it is a success. Keep up the good work with your trainer too!

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