Inside Locker #72

The weekly photo challenge this week is “inside.”

This is along the lines of what Cathy expected to see when she opened locker #72.

This is along the lines of what Cathy expected to see when she opened locker #72.

It so happens that three weeks ago I snapped a few photos while I was at the gym.  I figured I’d use them in a post “someday.”

I just didn’t think it would be so soon!

Since I’m a creature of habit I typically lock my swim gear in the same locker week after week, assuming it’s available.

When I finish swimming, I open another nearby locker so I can store or hang my wet gear.

Once I’ve finished changing I pack it all up and wipe everything down so the next person won’t encounter a wet locker – don’t forget your gym etiquette!

Well, three weeks ago I opened locker #72 to house my wet gear. (There wasn’t a lock on the door…)

Imagine my surprise when I saw it wasn’t empty!

Inside there was a pair of shoes.

Nothing else.

Just shoes.

So what kind of shoes were they?

So what was in locker #72?

So what was in locker #72?

Did you say running shoes, sneakers, shoes to work out?

Well, think again!

This locker contained

Well worn…





Slightly muddy…



The surprising contents - black slingback stilettos!

The surprising contents – black slingback stilettos!

I wondered if the owner missed them since these babies have now been in this locker for three weeks!  When I cam back to the gym this past Saturday the gym locker was wide open and the shoes were there for everyone to see!

The shoes had also been moved around!

So…did the owner check the locker, realize they were still there, put them back and go work out?

Abandoned shoes?  Who knows?  After three weeks it's beginning to look that way...

Abandoned shoes? Who knows? After three weeks it’s beginning to look that way…

…or did an interested party check them out, figure they weren’t quite right, and deposit them right back in the locker?

Who knows?

All I know is I got a chuckle out of seeing them there. As they have a lot of wear I figured they must have been someone’s favorite at one time or another!

Oh yeah, I’ve heard about other interesting finds at the gym on different occasions…a small bottle of wine (the size you’d get during a plane flight), a package of cigarettes (not very conducive to a fitness-type lifestyle), and last but not least, brass knuckles!

Now that leaves much to the imagination!


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6 comments on “Inside Locker #72
  1. A little creepy if you ask me. Funny, but creepy!
    Fun how we take a pic and think someday…
    This was yours. 😀

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  3. […] Inside Locker #72 | Comments from Cathy […]

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