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Optimism – From the Couch to a 5k

The weekly photo challenge is “Optimistic.” I decided to post about a somewhat recent event that taught me how my outlook has changed over the past three years. About nine weeks ago, I fell and twisted my foot when I

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Boundaries–Fenced In

The weekly Photo Challenge is Boundaries. I knew immediately that the family gallery had a photo that was perfect for this challenge. My nephew Bob had boundless energy.  He was always on the move, or so it seemed. My dad

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Change – A Personal Transformation

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Change. I’ve experienced my share since the end of 2012. Achieving change has taken a lot of work… Achieving change has taken time… …consistency… …tenacity… …passion… …continually resetting goals… …the ability to laugh at myself… …the

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Wall of Fame

The weekly Photo Challenge is “Wall.” There’s a wall at my local gym that acknowledges the achievement of a few individuals who rose to the challenge to take control of their health and personal fitness. I’ve walked by that wall

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Scale: The Elephant and the Turtle

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Scale. I’m excited about this challenge because I’ve got some photos that I’ve been waiting to use.  I just hadn’t found the right spot for them, until now! My parent’s house often reminds me of

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Shadows on a Walk

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Shadowed.” I opted to take this theme literally as I enjoy taking photos of shadows when walking. In the photo below I took a brief stroll during a break from work on a crisp fall afternoon.

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Peace Challenge: The Woman in the Mirror

Months  ago our friend Kozo challenged us to post about our truest self, our grandest self, or about the self we would like to be.  Who was the person each of us faced in the mirror?  What did that reflection

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The Weekly Photo Challenge is Nighttime. Here is a photo I snapped in the wee morning hours from the backseat of an airport shuttle. I had traveled to Des Moines, Iowa on a business during the winter of 2012. I

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Endurance–“Sugar Beets”

  The Weekly Photo Challenge is Endurance. I went to the family archives to find the photo my father labeled “sugar Beets.” This photo from the mid-1920’s helps me to understand this part of my family’s history. When I asked

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Raising Compassionate Children

Kozo has once again challenged us with a timely Bloggers for Peace topic. He focused his post on raising compassionate boys, and has started an video series about this topic. As I grew up in a large family, I decided

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