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My father was stationed in Germany during the Korean conflict.  It is the hope of any soldier who is stationed far from home to be able to be back in the arms of loved ones.  One can only imagine how this

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Candle Lighter Award

I received a surprise today about my blog!  I was nominated for, and gladly accept the Candle Lighter Award created by Kate Kresse.  Here is a link to Kate’s blog where she explains more about this award. Thank-you, Kate!

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  My maternal grandmother at the beach.  The 1920’s…I love the simplicity of what she’s wearing.  At that time many of the gadgets we now take for granted didn’t exist.  A reminder that some of the things we think are

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Peaceful – Part 2

Thank-you everyone for your comments on my previous post Peaceful.  I am very grateful for all the comments and support.  I also discovered how diverse and talented all of you are as I got to explore your posts! This is

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Peaceful…Through my daughter’s eyes… I thought about this for a while.  There are some photos I’ll probably post later that are more related to my own view of this.  In the meantime, I kept coming back to the way my

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Letter to a (Former?) Bishop

This week the Los Angeles Archdiocese announced that a well-loved bishop resigned as he has fathered two children; they are now teenagers. The announcement was brief but powerful.  It acknowledged that this is sad and disappointing; it recognized that the

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Start of 2012 – No New Year Resolutions Here

I just read a Facebook post by my sister.  Looks like she has a lot of milestones ahead and much to do in 2012.  She has a lot of energy and is very vibrant.  Good for her! Looks like her

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