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Easter 2013 –Through Our Daughter’s Eyes

Last Sunday, the lesson in my daughter’s Special Needs Faith Class was Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. I couldn’t have expressed it better… May you have a blessed and peaceful Easter. Alleluia!

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More Creations!

My last post Create caused a bit of a stir when my family saw it. They had a good time remembering what’s now known as the Great Christmas Stocking Caper of 2011! Here’s my sister Alicia, distributing the stockings as

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Easter – Rejoice!

As I’ve previously written, there I’ve experienced many facets of  Easter.   For me, Easter is a spiritual day to reflect on God’s great love for his people; a day that Christians around the world celebrate as their most sacred

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What Are You Thankful For?

The WordPress topic for the day is “What are you thankful for?” I’m glad that I am not posting this on Thanksgiving Day.  I believe it’s important to be thankful for something everyday, not just on the day that is

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My Special Girl…the Pure of Heart

Today in church there was a special blessing.  My daughter, her teachers and classmates who make up the Special Needs Faith Class would receive a blessing along with their families.  This is an important day as it shows the community

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