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2013 – Year of Change

For me, there’s one word that describes 2013. That word is CHANGE! Early in the year I wrote that about making changes in my lifestyle with the goal of improving my personal health. Periodically I posted that changes were in

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Releasing the Body Within

Many of you know I’ve been on a transformative personal journey this year. Because of injuries sustained in an accident more than twenty years ago, the aging process, family medical history and, well, let’s be honest, eating and lifestyle habits

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Tenderness – Water Dance

When I’m at the gym I’m focused on becoming stronger and healthier.  I must admit I become very self-centered.  It’s “me time.” On Saturday my usual routine is to head to the gym early in the morning for a session

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Surprised by Puppy Love!

I’m not typically a person who cares for surprises. That’s a long story all on its own.  That said, every now and then I receive a surprise that absolutely warms me from head to toe! Imagine my delight when I

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This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “Carefree!” I knew exactly what I wanted to express! It’s time to enjoy a few moments featuring some of my family’s youngest generation! I love this family picture of nieces and nephews enjoying a

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Long Day – Glad to be Home

As I mentioned in my last post, our daughter had her tonsils removed this past Tuesday. As family is not close by I took a few moments to recount the event,  Thank-you, everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and support!

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Standing Watch – She is Resting

Hello family and friends. Yesterday was a very long day.  My daughter had her tonsils removed. She is doing very well. I’ll share more later this week; today seems to be a day for all of us to rest!  Fortunately,

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