Surprised by Puppy Love!

I’m not typically a person who cares for surprises. That’s a long story all on its own.  That said, every now and then I receive a surprise that absolutely warms me from head to toe!

Imagine my delight when I received an e-mail from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a couple of years!

Well, I don’t get to see my lovely friend Cara too often as we now work in a different departments.  A little more than three years ago I gave her a baby blanket that I crocheted.  I remembered making it – choosing the colors, trying to determine the way the pattern should look, deciding the dimensions, imaging a little baby being bundled in the soft yarn.

I recalled when I gave her the blanket at her baby shower.  I also crocheted a bag so the blanket could someday be tucked away for safe-keeping.

Imagine my surprise when she told me that her son, Aaron is now three!  He has a best friend, his puppy, who now uses the blanket!

Aaron loves his puppy so much that he keeps him safe and warm by tucking him into bed every night!

Aaron's puppy stays warm and cozy wrapped in his green and white blanket.

Aaron’s puppy stays warm and cozy wrapped in his green and white blanket.

There have been many times when I created an item and had no idea what happens to it – and that’s okay!

I’ve also been told stories of how gifts I made have been used…

“That scarf was so warm!  I was so glad I took it on that trip!”

“We use the blanket you made us every day!”

“Thank-you so much for the shawl.  It kept Mom really warm.”

I have to say this is the first time I had heard of a little one who was able to share love with his puppy because of something I made.

I opened this email very early in the morning and the delight I felt lasted the entire day!  I was happy and at the same time humbled by the love of a child.


Dear Aaron,

Thank-you for taking such good care of your puppy.  I’m so happy that he is warm and safe.  I’m sure he’s going to love you for a very long time.

Miss Cathy


Bring joy to someone today!

Share a smile!

Say thank-you!

You never know how the gifts you share will be multiplied many times over!



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11 comments on “Surprised by Puppy Love!
  1. You’re kindness traversed the years and was handed down to the puppy. 🙂 Beautiful post, Cathy. G

  2. That is so adorable. Time flies indeed. That is a comfy blanket made with lots of love & care.

    • Cathy G says:

      Thanks, island traveler. You’re right – time can really slip by us if we don’t take a few minutes to pause and watch! I remember making the blanket so I was delighted to see that it’s being used in such a wonderful way! 🙂

  3. f4ischer says:

    such simple things have large impacts

  4. rupacoach says:

    Simple actions can give so much warmth to others!

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