Reflections – Big Milestones Begin with Small Steps!

A number of months ago I wrote that I made a commitment to improve my health.Cathy snaps her reflection to celebrate her achievement!

I also wrote about working with a trainer to help me safely achieve my health and fitness goals.

Well, today I achieved another  milestone.  I can say that I’ve lost 50 lbs.!

I’m not sure where they went, but that’s okay!  I don’t need to find them!

I decided to celebrate!

Many people may celebrate by splurging…but, nope, not me!  There are many ways to celebrate that have nothing to do with food!

So what did I do?

First, I spent time with God, giving thanks for people who have helped me get here.  More in a minute!

I ate a healthy breakfast.  Then I went for a walk in my neighborhood!

Cathy is prepped with sunglasses, hat, water bottle and tunes.  She's heading out the door for a brisk walk!

The route is .8 miles one way, round trip 1.6 miles.  I headed out, listening to my favorite workout tunes.

I also did something I’ve NEVER done before in the years I’ve done this route.  For a *very small* portion of the way, I jogged!!!

In the past, given all the issues I’ve had with my legs I wouldn’t have thought it possible…but I did it!

I thought about what I’ve been learning about the way my feet and legs move, the way they should land.

Guess what?!  I felt relaxed and peaceful.  I enjoyed it!    It may not seem like much but for me it’s another beginning.

Cathy returns, dripping wet but very satisfied!

Big milestones begin with small steps.

I returned dripping wet but feeling great.

So, I mentioned I gave thanks.  I felt that was an important thing to do. Today I gave thanks to God for:

  • Lieutenant B., the doctor who made the referrals so I could get started; and a team of people at Lackland AFB who help people make lifestyles changes to prevent or lessen the impacts of diabetes.
  • Ron, the physical therapist who got me started with exercises for my hips so they could become more stable.
  • Dan, the trainer who continues to challenge and motivate me.
    My husband, Al, made a very astute observation that Dan is the person who helped meDan takes a moment to demonstrate form. overcome my fear of working through re-occurring pain from my injuries.  He was right!  In the past I’d get to a certain point, then stop if I felt certain levels of pain because I didn’t know how to move past that.  It was a frustrating roller coaster ride, not only physically but emotionally.  Dan would, and still does track my progress, make adjustments, correct my form and help me to keep going!  He’s seen me on days when I didn’t feel so terrific, but he’s kept me focused session after session.  I figure one day Al will finally meet Dan, and when he does Al will shake his hand and thank him!
  • Inga, the senior fitness manager who introduced me to Dan!  Every time I see her at the gym she displays a wonderful smile of support!
  • Jesse, the massage therapist, who’s done an amazing job of releasing the tension that my body has retained.  Jesse has also seen me when I haven’t felt too terrific.  He has a gentle but strong presence.  I was fortunate to re-connect with him  when I was searching for someone to work out all the crazy knots in my legs!
  • Dr. Clark, the chiropractor who has seen me for years; he is keenly aware of the changes my body has experienced, both good and bad.  He’s always encouraged me to keep exercising and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Can’t say enough good things about him!
  • Cathy's number one supporter, her husband, Al.Al, my partner in crime, family cook, “team captain” and steadfast love. I could go on and on.  He has kicked me out the door to get to the gym, and has held onto me when I’ve been frustrated.  I have set these goals not just for me, but for him and our Mija, because I want to be healthy for ALL OF US.

So what’s next?  PLENTY!  There are more milestones to achieve!  My blood work is approaching where it needs to be but it’s not quite there yet!  I also have more goals to reach in terms general health and weight.

As I see my reflection and reflect on what’s been happening I know I can feel great about what I’ve accomplished.  …and as I’ve just expressed, it’s taken a small village to get me here!

Thanks everyone – we still have more work to do so let’s keep it up!

Cathy celebrates what she's lost!


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I've always enjoyed writing and finally decided it was time to blog! As part of my profession I write every day, but I'm now trying to take the time to write creatively. My family and friends have been very encouraging as there is little that is written down in the way of a family chronicle. This is a favorite topic of mine! In addition to family history, I write about life, family, friends and faith. My husband is a full-time parent to our special needs daughter. I’ve explored this topic, too. I also enjoy music, crocheting, reading and relaxing with my family. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

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27 comments on “Reflections – Big Milestones Begin with Small Steps!
  1. Gemma says:

    You, my lady, look FABULOUS! And feeling better to boot! Well much congrats and keep up the good work. It is all with it. 50 lbs?!?! That’s amazing. Be proud. Be well. Be-lieve!

  2. Gemma says:

    Ugh! WORTH it.. You knew what I meant. 😉

  3. scrapydo says:

    Small steps and all in the right direction. So good to hear what you have achieved already. It will get better and better. Keep up the good work and you will reap the fruit.

  4. Patsy Olivas says:

    Kathy, congratulations to you. I know what a rough road it is to get started and being determined to make lifestyle changes. 50 lbs is proof of a lot of workout time too. You look fantastic keep it up because you have the right reasons to get healthy and when you feel good about yourself, you are good for everyone else.

    • Cathy G says:

      Patsy!!! Thank-you for stopping by! Yeah, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, stops and starts for a lot of reasons, so it’s been really great to do this! Funny thing is, I’ve always like exercising, but the issues with my leg always resurfaced! One of my hangout spots is now the local gym! …and yes, it’s really important to understand the real reasons/motivations for wanting to make this type of change. If you don’t take the time to understand that, then it could be easy to get derailed – Thanks so much!

  5. dorannrule says:

    Congratulations Kathy – I am so impressed with what you have done! 🙂

    • Cathy G says:

      Hi Dor! It’s been quite a road but I feel great…and I still have so much more to do! As you might imagine this is really motivating for me! Thanks! 😀

  6. My sweet friend, I have nominated you for the Best Moment Award! Please visit this link:

  7. fgassette says:



  8. Kozo Hattori says:

    Wow, you look great, Cathy. You are an inspiration to us all. My favorite part is that you give thanks to all those who made this transformation possible. Good/God for you. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Cathy G says:

      Hello Kozo, my friend. If there’s one thing this particular journey has taught me it’s how much help I’ve needed along the way! I gave more thought to this and realized that each one of these individuals is passionate about what they do, and very skilled at what they do…I am so grateful, and thankful…and I thank God they all crossed my path when they did! Blessings – Cathy 🙂

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  10. Colline says:

    This is a wonderful achievement and something to be proud of. I love that God has brought into your life all the people you need to help you get healthy.

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  12. Cathy, you are inspiring! Congratulations, and may you continue on your path to good health.

    • Cathy G says:

      Hi Naomi! It’s been quite a journey with a lot of ups and downs – I’m pressing forward and am grateful for all the assistance! More to come – thanks for your support! 😀

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  16. Rosalind says:

    Thanks a lot for the high quality article.

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