October Magic

Hello everyone!  I’m so glad I’m getting back to writing!

For this post I decided to check out the theme from Island Traveler.

As usual, he has provided a great theme for his Weekly Image of Life:

“Discovering the Magic of October”

I was excited to see it!


Way back when in the mid-1980’s, I shared a house with my sister, her husband, and their children.

As you might imagine it was a very active house!

Anita Bob Linda & Joey

It’s no surprise that October would hold a certain kind of magic for children because of Halloween.

Still, there was always one person in our house who was particularly thrilled.

You see, it so happens that my niece, Anita, was born on October 31st!

Like any child she would anticipate the day when her birthday would be celebrated.

But a birthday on Halloween seemed to make it extra special!

She would get very excited to get dressed up, go door-to-door and yell, “Trick-or-treat!”


I think Anita particularly enjoyed (and still enjoys) that “everyone” dresses up, eats treats and has a party on her birthday!

Even though I later moved away due to a job opportunity, my niece and I have remained very close.


In recent times her older brother, Bob, has become a dad.

Since Anita is a very nurturing young lady I wasn’t surprised when I heard she provided day care to her niece for a number of months.


During my recent family visit I gave her a hug and asked her if she now enjoyed “being the auntie.”

She smiled and said “Definitely!”

Is that magic?

No, that’s love…but there are times when love can seem magical, too!


For more posts featuring my niece, Anita, see:




I've always enjoyed writing and finally decided it was time to blog! As part of my profession I write every day, but I'm now trying to take the time to write creatively. My family and friends have been very encouraging as there is little that is written down in the way of a family chronicle. This is a favorite topic of mine! In addition to family history, I write about life, family, friends and faith. My husband is a full-time parent to our special needs daughter. I’ve explored this topic, too. I also enjoy music, crocheting, reading and relaxing with my family. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

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9 comments on “October Magic
  1. fgassette says:

    Glad to see yo back. Missed you. You came back right on time for the magic of October. A wonderful post.


    • Cathy G says:

      Hi Francine! I’m glad I took a break but knew it was time to return! This was a fun post that gave me some good memories. Thanks! 🙂

  2. scrapydo says:

    Awesome! Glad you are back

  3. Your post made me smile in happiness. The purest magic is love among families that goes beyond time and generations. Your story reminded me of how I was growing up with 5 siblings. Everything seems magical and moments like these reminds me that it was always there only waiting to be rediscovered. Anita has blossomed into a generous, beautiful person.She is very thoughtful and loving to her brother’s new baby. Magic is knowing we have a family to be there for us may it be on our birthdays, on holidays or the gift of new life. Thanks for this amazing post. God bless you and your love ones.

    • Cathy G says:

      Hello island traveler! What a lovely comment! I also have 5 siblings, so I understand how busy a large household can be! I enjoyed looking at the light in my nieces eyes when she was a little girl and now that she is a young lady. Yes, she is very thoughtful and loving. We are fortunate that our family is close. Even though I don’t live close by I can see that they share much love and many experiences. It does give a magical feeling. Thanks again for a great theme!

  4. […] Cathy G of  https://cpgutierrez.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/october-magic-2/ […]

  5. That first photo is adorable! What a gift you are giving to your whole family to write the stories and preserve the history.

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